Athlete Training

Sports Team/Athlete training

Sports team training includes a personalized, sport specific training program for athletes competing in any sport. Sessions include: dynamic warm-up, foot work drills, movement prep, agility, linear speed, resistance training, conditioning, and flexibility work. It is a detailed program that will set your athlete a step ahead of the others in their respective sport.



What is the cost of Athlete Training?

  • 1x a week – $50/mo group rate
  • 2x a week – $100/mo group rate
  • 3x a week – $150/mo group rate
  • 4x a week – $200/mo group rate

Basic Membership

Access to our basic workout facility any time during our hours of operation.

  • $25 per month if you have a kid enrolled at Emerge Academy
  • $35 per month if you don’t have kids enrolled

1 on 1

  • $35/hr