Ninja Competitions

Emerge Academy NCNS Qualifier 2023

Sat September 09 — Sun September 10


Come and see how well you can do on our courses! Our competition will follow AWG rules and age/categories based on your age as of January 1, 2023.


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Prices (before convenience fees)

  • $50 for early registration
  • $60 for late registration on or after September 1st and will run first within their division.
  • $5 for Spectators


Tentative Schedule

Sat September 09 — Sun September 10, 2023
All times are subject to change.

  • 7U and 9U – Saturday Morning
  • 11U and 13U – Sunday Morning
  • 15U and 40+ – Sunday Afternoon
  • Amateur and Pro – Sunday Evening

Specific start times for each age group will be determined soon. However, there may be a limited number of contestants in each division to make sure each group can start at their scheduled time.


The basic competition format

(updated rules 2022)

  • 4-min time limit
  • Points for each obstacle completed
  • Half points for halfway on each obstacle
  • If you fail an obstacle, you continue to the next and receive 0 points or the halfway points, whichever applies. Your points still accumulate throughout the course.
  • You must reside in one of the six states that make up the region.
  • Simplified scoring. All obstacles are either 2 or 4 points with halfway points. All courses are 30 points total.
  • All obstacles will have a clear point A starting point and point B finishing point.
  • Incidental contact rule: Brushing/grazing  the floor, truss, post, wall, etc. that has not been deemed allowed will receive a single warning on first contact and failure on second. Intentional use or weight bearing contact are not the same as incidental and will not get a warning.
  • Trussing rule: Truss follows the incidental contact rule unless the truss is deemed allowed or off limits. Off limits is to be avoided unless it is part of the obstacle to specifically avoid the truss.
  • Failing an obstacle: Judges will NOT tell an athlete to drop. This way, if an athlete wishes to challenge completion of the obstacle, they have the choice to finish and challenge the lost point afterward.
  • Broken obstacle/Course reset failure: Athlete can choose to start course over with an ~5 minute rest OR complete the course. The decision must be made immediately after the failed obstacle. Final score is the chosen option (NOT the better of the two).



We are striving to promote local athletes in the region (IA, MN, WI, NE, SD & ND) by providing a competition exclusive to residents of those states. Our different brackets allow you a more accurate placement in the region!
NCNS is about community building. If you’re new to the league, you will begin to notice very quickly the comradery and friendships between the athletes regardless of what gym they attend.


We want to crown the Regional Champions!